Friday, 18 November 2016

Black Powder on a small table - all videos done!

Getting Black Powder onto a (very) small gaming space. The following links follow an AAR with examples of game mechanics demonstrated. The videos were uploaded daily as a serialised project, but here are all the links to a job done !


Video trailer - 1 minute fun intro - LINK  

Video 1 - an introduction to the battle, a discussion of the rules, situation and forces involved (uploaded 15th November 2016).  - LINK 

Video 2 - Covering troop deployment and the first turn. Includes examples of issuing orders and shooting. (Uploaded 16th November 2016) - LINK 

Video 3  - Covering Turn 2 and giving examples of charging to combat and the hand - to - hand phase. (Uploaded 17th November 2016) - LINK 

Video 4 - Covering Turns 3 to the end of the game, with examples of enfilade fire and other mechanics shown, together with quite a lot of nuances that create a bit of decision making. (Uploaded 18th November 2016) - LINK 

Link to the blog article that covers the whole thing, including scenario details etc - LINK 

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Black Powder on a Pinboard

Using Black Powder rules on a pinboard!
I have started looking at different ACW rules using a generic throw down scenario to see how the rules play out. Recently the scenario was used to test boardgame rules (Musket and Saber) using 12mm figures and 4" hexes, the write-up to that game is linked in the resource section at the foot of this post. 

The following post looks at using the scenario to put a Black Powder game into a small space, in this case a standard large pinboard, using Kallistra 12mm figures, which hopefully proves interesting as the rules in general lean towards a much larger playing area.


Rather than covering the subject with my usual written AAR, this game was recorded as a collection of short videos over a few days as the battle progressed, in the hope that serialisation helped with the presentation. As a result, the 'replay section' in this post was updated daily with the latest video links. Now that the project is complete, this post has been edited to change it from the present tense to the past tense.

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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Movie trailer for Black Powder game

Movie trailer.

Over the next few days, I will be blogging about putting a Black Powder game onto a pinboard and I hope that pushing these rules that are generally intended for a large table, into such a small space will be at least interesting.


The work to do that is ongoing, but close at hand, so as a bit of fun, I have put together this 1 minute video to whet the appetite.

LINK to the video.