Thursday, 14 December 2017

Lock 'n Load SOLO module

A look at the Lock ‘n Load Tactical Solo system

Lock ‘n Load recently launched their Solo platform for their tactical WWII - Modern series, in which an AI system takes on the role of the ‘other player’, giving the solitaire player a chance to apply their wit against an unseen gaming partner, but how well does this inanimate guest behave at the table?

I found myself travelling something of a learning curve to get comfortable with the system, as I suppose somewhat ironically, I had to first learn how not to be a good old fashioned solitaire player and so I thought it a worthwhile post to share that journey, as I don’t think this is a system that you can fully appreciate until you have a few games under your belt.

The rest of this post will hopefully help those sitting on the fence about buying or those who have bought and are just looking for another perspective on play.

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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Lock 'n Load Starter Set

Getting into Lock ‘n Load Tactical

Lock ‘n Load Tactical is a popular boardgame system that has individual vehicles and squads fighting over a hexed mapboard.

This tactical series is mature both in terms of product range and the life of the system. Most of the game modules have been out of print for a few months, but recently a large scale re-printing effort made everything, plus some new stuff, fully available again.

The company (also and somewhat confusingly called Lock ‘n Load) have recently released a low cost starter kit, so that anyone sitting on the fence can dip their toe into this well presented tactical world and see if it is for them.

This post will be looking at that starter kit in a bit of detail, so if you are looking for a system to scratch the tactical itch, then use the ‘read more’ tab for the rest of this post.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Battle for Fox's Gap 1862

Morning Action at FoxGap.

A scenario written by Jonathan Freitag to use with the Two Flags - One Nation hex based ACW rules.

The following post covers a replay of this interesting scenario that has roughly a brigade per side. Please press the 'read more' tab to continue.