Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Band of Brothers - Infantry Primer

Scenario 16 - To Die on Christmas

Series designer Jim Krohn, publisher Worthington Publishing.

With the recent release of Battle-Pack 1 in the Band of Brothers series, those looking for a quick refresher of the rules to ready themselves for the Battle-Pack can be well served by this short and snappy (though with a thought provoking title) scenario from the base module, Screaming Eagles.

This post uses elements of that scenario to give a memory refresh of some of the nuances of this system in relation to the infantry part of the rules.

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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Celles - part of the Bulge campaign.

The Ardennes, December 23rd - 27th 1944

Battles of the Bulge Volume 1

Designed by Roger Miller, developed by Richard Handewith and published by Revolution Games. The game covers that latter part of the Bulge campaign (1944) when German forces came closest to the Meuse River.

The following post gives an overview of the game mechanics and the flow of play.

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Monday, 24 July 2017

Action at Willoughby Run

This is the second in the series of getting a game into a small space using a 6x6 grid. This time, we are doing a historical action using my own ACW hex based rules (Two Flags - One Nation). 

The scenario would be quite suitable for a conversion to the Neil Thomas 'One Hour Wargames' rulebook, by converting each hex to 6",  though perhaps reduce the cavalry staying power down to say 9 hits for those rules.

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