Sunday, 18 March 2018

Tigers at Caen Module Download

Tigers at Caen

This post introduces a new supplement for the hex based Tigers at Minsk tactical rules.

It covers the 1944 - ‘45 period on the western front and adds a few additional rules, equipment lists for Commonwealth, U.S. and German forces, some additional terrain types and a scenario based upon a German counter-attack against a Canadian held village.

The supplement, like the main rules, are provided as a free download for personal use only.

The rest of this post will discuss some of the design perspectives of the module / system and list the few amendments that have been made to the main TaM rules. The resource section will give links to the download files for Tigers at Caen and the March 2018 edition of Tigers at Minsk.  

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Attack on Buron - 1944

Counter-Attack at Buron - a Tigers at Caen Scenario

Tigers at Caen is the proposed west front 1944 - ‘45 expansion for my Tigers at Minsk hex based rules (Thank you PaulR from the Pendraken Forum for the title suggestion).

This small expansion includes a scenario covering the Canadian defence against a German counter-attack at the village of Buron. Todays post is going to follow an AAR of this action as an introduction to the module, which will soon be released as a free (for personal use) download.

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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Getting ready for action at Caen.

Fake news from Caen ‘44

A number of sources are reporting frantic activity by Commonwealth troops in a local village as anticipation of an immediate German counter-attack runs high.

The commander at scene is fresh back from a ‘Shoot and Scoot’ course at the local academy for ‘New Ideas and Optional Rules’ and is eager to see some of these new skills put to the test, having been promised that a troop of M10’s will be with her within the hour.

Our reporter, the ever watchful Monty Bartholomew Slackjaw Smythe has managed to get a photograph of the give-away activity, with his pride and joy, the latest Kodak loaded with the new fangled colour film - if only they could ever invent a camera that showed the pictures on the back of it and had a way to send pictures magically instead of by carrier pigeon laden with a 35mm film cartridge strapped between it’s knees.

Speaking to Marty Trenchfoot, the author of ‘German Field Tactics and What To expect Next’, it is  almost certain that a pre counter-attack artillery barrage will be inbound shortly and that Slackjaw and his pigeons will certainly be busy keeping our readers appraised with a full account of the action.

EDIT - The Counter-Attack at Buron has happend and there is a full write up at the blog at this link